Rope Access Network Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company operating in the South East Asian region with the mindset of sustained effort to serve clients by providing safe, first-rate and cost-effective standards of a wide range of services. We are one of the leading industrial rope access companies in Singapore with a sound track record of exceeding client expectations since its beginnings.

To accommodate the growing market demand for industrial rope access services, our company has classified its service portfolio into three categories: commercial services, marine services and IATRAS courses. Each category offers a range of services catering to specific market segments and client groups.
Rope Access Network Pte Ltd is conveniently structured in order to undertake work at all levels, varying from minor assistance with specific problems to highly specialized services. With this, we have grown to become a trusted name in the industry, providing a wide range of services.

In an effort to strive for continued success and with visions to expand its scope of businesses, Rope Access Network Pte Ltd is compelled to deliver superior services beyond the shores of Singapore and the whole of Asia.

Why Choose Us?

Rope Access Network Pte Ltd has been under operation for fourteen years. Initially engaged in neon fabrication, we have progressively integrated to a wide variety of services which adapt industrial rope access as a means to provide solutions to problems which relate to difficult access.

In 1999, the industrial rope access method was relatively a novelty for Singapore. While a lot of local companies were skeptical with it, our company took the initiative of conducting intensive research in pursuit of enhancement measures concerning the method. With this, Rope Access Network Pte Ltd managed to convince the industry that using industrial rope access by means of the Twin Rope System is far more convenient, safe, and cost-effective as compared to the traditional ones.